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fter almost a decade of being quiet, CINTERGY is back and ready to make some noise. With years of experience, knowledge, business contacts, and a full-on grasp of 2015 digital marketing trends, we’re ready to tackle the ever-changing digital marketing needs of today’s business.

Who are we and what do we do?

A digital marketing agency that we founded in 1999, CINTERGY enjoyed many years of developing successful marketing solutions for businesses and organizations.

Then in 2006, we happened upon another exciting business venture – LANDFLIP.com. Being a web-based business during the real estate boom, the site began growing at such a rapid pace, we made the decision to focus our efforts on expanding the site and the services it offered to its customers.

What’s with the name?

We often get asked how we came up with the name CINTERGY.  It all started with a brainstorm session that took place on a napkin. We were trying to come up with ideals that we felt were important in order to establish a trusting relationship with our clients and their customers. The two words or “principles” that we kept coming back to were CLARITY and SYNERGY. So we mixed the two words together and came up with CINTERGY.

So where has CINTERGY been all this time?

We’ve remained an active business over the years, but working on just a couple projects each year as time allowed. Then throughout 2014, several new opportunities began to present themselves somewhat unexpectedly. And as the year came to a close, we decided to relaunch CINTERGY and explore these new opportunities together.

We are in growth mode right now, adding new accounts to our client list and considering the possibility of adding freelance designers and web developers to our business model in the near future.

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What can we create for you?

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