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IRT AND ROCK are suppliers of more than just dirt and rock (though they certainly sell a lot of both!). They also specialize in high-quality natural fieldstone, flagstone and limestone, as well as gravel, mulch, sand, and other landscaping and building materials & services.

Being a successful local business for more than 20 years, they came to us in need of a new brand and website that could help expand and promote their products & services regionally – even nationally.

Immediately, we knew that we needed to develop a brand identity that would incorporate the various attributes one typically envisions as being associated with the building & construction industry – large scale, bold, heavy, masculine – but it also had to be aesthetic enough to render well with private homeowners.

Step 1 – logo. After a multi-stage design process, our client selected a logo that encompassed all the characteristics we felt it should convey. It truly set the stage for what was yet to come.

Step 2 – business cards. Using the new logo as a foundation, we continued with the “bold” and “heavy” concepts for the business card. We used mostly dark colors on the front design, while the back retained a lot of white space (for note taking) which provided a great contrast for the dark logo. Finally, we chose a thicker, low gloss card stock and added a Soft Touch aqueous coating for an ultra smooth, matte finish.

Step 3 – website. With the look and feel of the new brand solidly in place, we began working on the website. Our goal was to create a photo-centric site that would showcase our client’s products, both in raw form and finished use, using large scale image galleries and portfolios throughout the site.

Over the coming months, we will continue to develop and grow the DIRT AND ROCK brand through further site enhancements and a product ideabook.

  • Providing products and services for the building, construction and landscaping industries, our busiest time of year is Spring through Summer. Going into this project during that busy time frame, we knew our availability would be limited. With very little input from us, CINTERGY did a great job of taking what they knew about us, our business, and our customers, and applying it toward creating our new brand identity. Well done.

    Owner, DIRT AND ROCK

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