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The CINTERGY Process

CINTERGY is built on two founding principles: CLARITY and SYNERGY. That means our work process is designed to be open and easy to understand, with clear takeaways and value for you at every phase. You know your business better than anyone else, so we’ll work together to build a marketing strategy that resonates with you and that you’ll be proud to implement. We break it down into four basic development phases:


Let’s talk about you, your business, and your customers. Tell us about your goals and plans for your business. CINTERGY will work hand-in-hand with you to design a marketing strategy that brings your biggest dreams within reach.


Once we know each other better, the fun begins! We’ll move right into a brainstorm…a fun, no-holds-barred discussion of how CINTERGY can take your company’s offerings from a “want” to a “can’t live without.” All it takes is one great idea, and your perfect marketing concept is born.


Bringing your company’s marketing to life is what CINTERGY enjoys most! We make words and images come to life in a way that not only showcases what you sell; we’ll turn your business culture and value into tangible assets that will be seen and touched by your customers.


Some folks say marketing is like sausage – better to know the result than the process. From beginning to end, you’re a partner in every aspect of your marketing development. Ideas, images, words, deadlines – you’re 100% engaged at every stage of the game.

Meet The “Folks” of CINTERGY

  • Sara Folk
    Sara Folk Redhead, Over Analyzer, Animal Lover, Movie Buff

    For over 15 years, Sara has managed countless projects, including graphic design, branding, marketing communications, content architecture, website management, and database administration. Her work has reached both national and international markets, with a focus on the association and accounting industries.

    Prior to CINTERGY, Sara spent 12 years as Global Operations Manager for PrimeGlobal, an association of independent accounting firms, whose membership totals over 300 firms from approximately 90 countries worldwide. In 2012, she played an integral role in the association’s successful merger and re-branding campaign.

    Sara holds a Bachelor’s degree in Finance from Jacksonville State University. She and her husband, Ryan, have two young daughters, both redheads like their mom. The oldest enjoys junior golf and volleyball; the youngest enjoys singing and playing piano.

    When she is not working (or doing laundry or helping with homework), Sara enjoys spending time with family or relaxing with a good movie.

  • Fergie
    Fergie The Boss

    This adorable dog? Well, she runs the place! If you’re familiar with West Highland White Terriers, no further explanation is required. If you’re unfamiliar? Well…that’s just a doggone shame.

    • Ryan Folk
      Ryan Folk Thinker, Problem Solver, Idea Guy, Jack of All Trades

      Ryan founded CINTERGY in 1999 and brings nearly two decades of technology, marketing, and sales experience to a variety of industries including supply chain management, human capital management, real estate tech, real estate sales, and non-profits.

      In 2004, he founded and developed LANDFLIP.com, an online real estate marketplace for land buyers and sellers. Today, LANDFLIP is a network of six high-traffic listing websites including LANDTHINK.com. Prior to LANDFLIP, he sold over $30 million in land transactions across the Southeast and still holds an active real estate license in Georgia.

      Before his successful real estate career, he traveled the country as a Sales Engineer and Technical Consultant selling and implementing enterprise HR and supply chain software solutions for several Fortune 2000 companies.

      Ryan holds a BS major in Computer Information Systems and a minor in Business Administration from Jacksonville State University. He is married to Sara and has two red-headed daughters. Ryan loves to play golf in his spare time and is a 7 handicap.

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